Training dogs for special events and performances requires an incredible amount of hard work. A huge part of training a dog successfully is the relationship between the dog and the trainer. This breathtaking video from Germany shows the heart-touching bond between Sandra Roth, a seasoned dancer, and her brilliant Border Collie, Lizzy.


Source: Sandra Roth/YouTube


Sandra was already an acclaimed jazz and ballet dancer when she started training Lizzy for a sport called “dog-dancing”. Lizzy was exceptionally obedient and always went the extra mile to learn the intricate routines of competitive dancing. Lizzy’s eagerness to please Sandra soon transformed her into one of the best performers in dog-dancing!

In this video from Open European Competition’s “Freestyle Dog Dance Contest”, we see Sandra and Lizzy performing a routine from the fantasy musical “The Last Unicorn”. The duo moves seamlessly as they match steps with each other. The audience is caught in a trance as Lizzy jumps and sways with flair to display some impeccable moves!


Source: Sandra Roth/YouTube


Lizzy’s grace and poise prove that she is a true ballerina at heart, just like Sandra. This splendid performance has been watched over 10 million times on YouTube, making it one of the most popular dog dance videos in the world. This rare act will leave your heart fluttering!

Click the video below to watch Sandra and Lizzy’s show-stopping dog dance performance!

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