We’ve seen this dog trick before… but never quite like this! We recently shared the story of Bailey the Beagle, who can play dead so well that he made everyone at the Late Show with David Letterman cheer and applaud… even Letterman himself cracked up at the trick.

Well, it may be time for Bailey to make way for Gracie. This cute and clever dachshund executes a “running bang” (is that a thing, or can she patent it?), and it’s so awesome you’ll want to see it over and over again. Fortunately, Gracie treats us to two takes. After the first running bang ends with a well-deserved treat and a scratch, she’s sent back for another go… and her backward leaps alone are worth a watch. Gracie then gives us an encore performance of her running bang dog trick, just in case we missed it the first time.

“Running bang” isn’t the only trick up Gracie’s tiny sleeves. Apparently, she’s quite the online celebrity, and she can do a whopping 50 tricks. From stacking toys to putting her things away to all kinds of fancy walks on command, Gracie is one talented dachshund… but we have to admit, our favorite trick of hers, hands down, is the running bang.

Take a look, and see if you can teach your dog to slide and “die.” If you can, send us the video, and we’ll let your talented pet share the spotlight with Gracie!