One of the challenges puppy owners face is teaching them to go potty outside. Potty training can be hard work, but it can also be a lot of fun. We recently discovered a litter of Weimaraner puppies who do something incredibly cute during potty training time.

The 7-week-old puppies head outside with their dad, and once there, he gives them a command. Though you may not think puppies that small can learn, we’ve got the most precious surprise for you.

Source: Rumble

The man is followed by a pack of tiny pooches, as they head outside with him.

Once they reach the grassy area of the back yard, he gives them the command to “go pee” while pointing his finger at the grass.

Source: Rumble

In perfect harmony like a symphony orchestra, the puppies squat and do their business. Of course, their dad praises them and says “good boy!”

As the camera pans away, there is one puppy who decided to stay back, but he, too, pees on command with his littermates!

Source: Rumble

This is one of the sweetest videos we’ve seen in ages. Press play below for a big dose of cuteness overload!