A dog owner in Wenatchee, Washington is being investigated for a horrible crime against his innocent dog. The man is is an employee of Chelan County, but that did not stop him from trying to kill his pooch.

It all started when a passerby discovered the dog in the Beehive Reservoir area off Mission Ridge Road. He had multiple gunshot wounds and most certainly would have perished without immediate care.

Source: Wenatchee Valley Humane Society/Facebook

The good Samaritan took the animal to Wenatchee Valley Humane Society, who put information on Facebook to try and catch the culprit. In a press release, they stated, “X-rays confirmed that the dog had been shot at least three times by what looked to be a hollow point round from a small caliber pistol.  The three shots were to the head, neck, and shoulder.”

The dog did not have a microchip or collar, and he is a large adult male, likely an American Pit Bull/Terrier mix.

Source: Wenatchee Valley Humane Society/Facebook

One day after the shooting, his owner came forward. He told his employer he tried to shoot the dog in an attempt to euthanize him. He claims the dog attacked multiple family members over the few months he lived in the home. Although no charges have been filed so far, detectives completed the investigation and forwarded the details to Chelan County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. The dog owner’s name is not being released.

So far, the dog, whom the rescue group named Cane, has received two surgeries, with the community donating money for his care.

Source: Wenatchee Valley Humane Society/Facebook

We wish this sweet animal a smooth recovery and a forever loving home away from the monster who did this.