Why anyone would abandon an animal is so outrageous, it’s hard to wrap your head around. There’s a lot of speculation involving an apparent case of abandonment in West Virginia when a minivan drove to a neighborhood, opened up its doors and shoved a dog out.

The dog can then be seen chasing the van. It’s so heartbreaking that the video has been making its rounds on news stations and Facebook.

Bob Edmonds was a witness to the dog being dumped in Milton, WV. The van could be seen speeding away as the dog chased it as fast as he could to no avail. Edmunds shared the video on his Facebook page to bring awareness and to hopefully find the person responsible.

Thankfully, dog lover Stephanie Elswick, a volunteer rescue worker, stepped up and took responsibility for the perfectly healthy dog.

Stephanie found the dog tied up in a neighboring yard, about a mile from where the video was filmed. “I asked if it was their dog,” she told WSAZ 3 News. “They said no. They’d found him in the road and tied him up to keep him safe.”

Stephanie explains that the abandoned dog is healthy and friendly, which makes it even harder to understand why someone would want to abandon him. “Just don’t throw them out in the road like this to fend for themselves,” she said.