Being a pet owner, it’s our top priority to make sure that our fur-kids are well taken care of. This spans to their comfort and happiness. Just like for any living creature, health is not guaranteed. But thankfully, for our pets, we have the option to keep them comfortable and if necessary, end their suffering.

I, myself, have answered many questions about euthanasia. I was a vet tech during college and assisted the veterinarian I worked for in the process of putting pets to sleep. It is, of course, a painful decision to make. Saying goodbye to a creature that has brought us so much joy is never an easy thing to do.

Deciding when it is time to let go and end our pet’s suffering is an incredibly difficult decision. A pet owner may not know exactly when it is time to euthanize their pet but luckily, a veterinarian has a very good understanding of when it is time, and is willing to guide pet parents through those final steps.



Pain and discomfort should weigh heavily on one’s decision. A veterinarian can assess the pet’s quality of life by continuing to monitor their comfort levels through examination. Once a veterinarian determines that the animal is experiencing pain or discomfort that cannot be fairly managed with medications then he or she will give the pet owner the option of putting their pet to sleep.

What’s important to know is what goes on during the actual process. Euthanasia involves two separate shots. The first shot is a strong sedative that puts the pet into a deep sleep. During that deep sleep, nothing can be felt but peacefulness. The second shot is what ends their life. The process is completely painless and totally humane. After the second shot is injected, the veterinarian will monitor his or her heart until it stops beating.

While it’s difficult to say that final goodbye, many pet parents opt to hold their pet during those last moments as a way to say “I am here.” and “I love you.”



There is never an easy time to euthanize a pet and we urge all pet owners to explore every available treatment option there is first. But once a pet is suffering and it is affecting their quality of life, there is great comfort knowing that they do not have to endure it for long.