SFT Animal Sanctuary in Tangier, Morocco, is currently home to more than 500 animals, including over 300 dogs, 120 cats, and 30 donkeys, among many other animals.

Among those 300 dogs are a group of 15 very special dogs who get by with the help of wheelchairs. Each wheelchair was bought with donations and was custom-made to fit each dog. These paralyzed dogs are receiving the best care, have safe enclosures and some even wear doggy diapers.

Many of them were found injured on the side of the road after being hit by a car, and some were sadly abused and abandoned. Regardless of where they came from, SFT’s goal is to give them the best life possible.

These dogs may be in wheelchairs, but they don’t let that stop them. The kind-hearted volunteers at SFT worked hard to build a sand-pit for the dogs to easily run around in.

They don’t know they’re any different, and they easily prove that in the video below. You can watch them running around, playing together with a ball, just like any other dog would.

The video of them playing has since gone viral, melting hearts all over the world.

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