Whisper, a stray dog, was found collapsed in a pool of blood on the streets by the workers of Animal Aid Unlimited. She was bleeding profusely from the nose and the mouth, and the rescuers raced against the clock to save her.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube


At the animal hospital, the vets tried to treat Whisper for her head injury, but she remained unresponsive. She would paddle her legs for help as she drifted in and out of consciousness.

Whisper was put on IV fluids. She would whimper in pain, which indicated that she was waking up. However, days passed and Whisper still refused to have food, which was quite worrying.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube


The brain injury had rendered Whisper incapacitated, which was another terrifying factor. It seemed as if a miracle was needed to save her. However, her caregivers patiently dedicated themselves toward keeping her alive.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube


Soon, their efforts were rewarded as Whisper started eating again! After getting further support, Whisper even started balancing herself on her own legs. Today, as we see her all healed and healthy, we know that it is the unflinching faith of the shelter workers that made this miracle happen!

Click the video below to watch how the shelter workers breathed life into the dying Whisper with their dedicated care!