Put a wiener dog in a police hat, strap a makeshift patrol car around his elongated and already ridiculous torso, and sit back and enjoy the hijinks that ensues. That’s what you get in the second installment — let’s just hope there are many more — of “Cops and Robbers” with dachshund goofballs Crusoe and Oakley.

It’s already a mystery how and why these wiener dogs make us smile just by looking at them, but add the silliest of situational comedy — it makes the Three Stooges look like intellectual satire — and you can’t help but let out a snicker and get a pick-me-up for your day.

The video starts with Crusoe being caught red-handed with his paws in what we can only imagine is kibble. When the fuzz (Oakley) shows up, the culprit takes off with police dog-car in hot pursuit —  after a brief car chase the copper gives up and looks thoroughly confused. Not to be discouraged, Oakley proceeds to round the kitchen island in search of the larceny suspect — innocent until proven goofy.

A couple of notable details worth mentioning: the soundtrack is surprisingly apropos and notice the inscription on the WDPD (a safe bet that’s Weiner Dog Police Department) squad car — “To Squeak and Destroy.”

Like any good cop movie, the scene ends with half dog, half car, Oakley strutting off into the sunset — or at least sunlight. This is fourteen seconds you don’t want to miss! Oh, and in case you missed the original, take a look.