Nicole Renae grew up as an only child and oftentimes felt lonely, so when she turned ten, her grandmother gifted her a cute little puppy whom she named Chloe.

Nicole and Chloe formed an instant bond and grew to be inseparable. They would spend the next four years together, and were the best of friends.

But when Nicole was 14, she was forced to give up her beloved Chloe. Her dad had just got a new job working from home and was told he couldn’t have any pets as they were a distraction. Since Chloe was very yappy, Nicole’s dad thought it would be best to surrender her to their local humane society.

Nicole was absolutely devastated to lose her furry best friend. As the years went on, Nicole never stopped thinking of Chloe, but hoped that she had found a new loving home.

Nicole eventually got married and had a baby. She wanted her daughter to grow up with a dog, just like she had. That’s when she came across a post online about a senior dog who was up for adoption.

The dog, who looked oddly similar to Chloe, was also named Chloe. Nicole couldn’t believe how much of a coincidence that was, and decided to adopt her.

But little did Nicole know that meeting this senior dog was not the first time the two were meeting.

Chloe ran up to her and began licking her face. She kept hugging Nicole, and Nicole couldn’t help but crying, thinking of her childhood pup.

Chloe seemed to already know that Nicole was her old owner, and Nicole eventually realized it also. Chloe reminded Nicole so much of her old Chloe that she knew this had to be her.

Her family thought she was crazy for thinking that, but her mom helped her prove it. They brought Chloe to the vet to be scanned for a microchip, and it wound up being an exact match! It was, in fact, THE Chloe!

Nicole was beyond happy to be reunited with her old best friend. It had been eight long years since the two had seen each other. Chloe, who is now 11, is happy to be back with Nicole, and the two of them will definitely spend the rest of her years making up for lost time.

It turns out that soon after Nicole’s family gave Chloe up to the humane society, she was adopted by an older couple. She spent many years with the couple before they sadly passed away. She was then adopted by a family who wound up not being able to keep up. She ended up at the shelter once again, but fate brought her back to her best friend!