When this tiny pink creature was left without a mom to care for her, a wonderful woman stepped in. She was found all alone and brought to Australia’s Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary. At only 2.2 ounces, her survival was far from certain, but one rescuer refused to give up on her.

The baby wombat had to be syringe-fed around the clock. As she grew, she could eat from a small bottle. Thankfully, she put on weight daily. The little one had a warrior spirit, for sure! After two months of around the clock care, she finally weighed 10 ounces. That was a miracle in itself!

Soon the baby wombat was opening her eyes! Her rescuer was an amazing surrogate mom. She rubbed her down with hemp oil which replicated the oils in her mother’s pouch. The bald baby enjoyed her belly rubs the most.

By day 92, the baby wombat finally reached a pound! What a milestone! These babies are so tiny at birth and then crawl inside their mother’s pouches. It’s such a challenge to care for them this way but the rescuers do their very best to replicate how they’re cared for in the wild.

After 100 days, her fur starts to grow in. While her transformation is slow, it’s certainly amazing. Once she reaches over 200 days old, she meets a new friend. They hit it off immediately! Aren’t they adorable together?

Now 15 pounds, the baby wombat welcomes a newborn into her foster home. Look at the size difference! Animal rescuers truly amaze us every single day. Every precious life is worth saving, don’t you agree? Watch the baby wombat’s incredible transformation in the video below. We are so happy her life was saved!