Most of the time, when a person breaks into someone’s residence, it’s to commit a crime or horrendous act. For a homeowner in Hamden, Ohio, though, a home invasion ended in a way they never expected.

One afternoon, a strange woman broke into the house by entering through the back door. She was high on narcotics and acting strangely…but thankfully, she didn’t harm any of the family members. Instead, she made a bee line for the family dog.

Once the woman saw that the family had a dog in the living room, she made her way over to the couch and proceeded to pet him. It seems even criminals can’t resist the allure of a happy pup!

Then, once the woman cuddled the dog, she did the dishes for the family, and left as quickly as she had arrived. The homeowner contacted the authorities, who later identified the woman as Cheyenne Ewing. Apparently, the police received additional calls about the 31-year-old woman attempting to enter other homes in the area, as well.

(Although, it isn’t known if she was searching for more dogs to pet.)

“At least she’s a friendly burglar, you know?” said Kevin Jordan, a man that lives in the neighborhood that Ewing visited via WSAZ. “I laughed about it at first because I thought somebody was just playing.”

Eventually, Deputy Michelle Thomas arrived on the scene and apprehended the female suspect. Ewing, who was under the influence of narcotics, gave Deputy Thomas a false name and told her that she had been awake for two days straight.

Although any home invasion is terrifying, at least Ewing had her priorities straight: she just wanted to make a new canine friend!