Together, Danielle Eden and her husband Rob Scheinberg share a love of dogs that transcends typical pet ownership — and country borders! As a child growing up in Israel, Danielle looked after dogs in need. She fostered them, helped them get adopted, and generally took care of the many street dogs in her area.

After growing up into a young woman, Danielle met Rob in Israel. They fell in love, got married, and moved to Canada with their four dogs they rescued from the streets.

Source: Dog Tales Rescue And Sanctuary / Facebook

Their shared love of dogs led them to create Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary. The rescue is located on a 50-acre farm in King, Ontario, and has space for 100 different dogs.

But the couple aren’t just focused on saving dogs in North America!

Source: Dog Tales Rescue And Sanctuary / Facebook

In honor of their rescued street dogs, the married couple regularly travel to Israel to find homeless, desperate animals that need their help.

So, on each trip, they find dogs that they can bring back to their rescue in Canada, in hopes of finding them forever homes.

Source: Dog Tales Rescue And Sanctuary / Facebook

During a recent visit, however, the pair stumbled across a situation they never could have expected. It was a challenged of unprecedented proportions, but the animal-loving couple knew what they needed to do.

Source: Dog Tales Rescue And Sanctuary / Facebook

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary shared the following story on their Facebook page:

“On our trips to Israel we visit local shelters and work with the staff and volunteers to make lists of 10-20 dogs at a time to bring to our rescue. On these trips we look for the difficult cases – dogs that are senior, dogs that have disabilities, and dogs that have been waiting for a home the longest. Making these lists is gut wrenching , however it is usually quite clear which dogs need our help the most.”

Source: Dog Tales Rescue And Sanctuary / Facebook

“Earlier in the year we were taken to a shelter in Israel that we had never been to before. The conditions were shocking. To say that the shelter was overcrowded is an understatement, with more than 250 dogs crammed into a space with the capacity for 70.

“There were as many as 6 dogs in each cage, all fighting over the loaves of bread that they were being fed. Rats were everywhere, and the dogs, most of whom had been there for years, were terrified. For once, it was not obvious to us which dogs needed us the most. They all needed us. We realized that it would be impossible to make a list deciding which dogs would be rescued from this horrific life, and which would be left behind.”

Source: Dog Tales Rescue And Sanctuary / Facebook

So, instead of taking just a handful of dogs, they bought the entire shelter and took responsibility for over 250 dogs. Finding homes for all of them would be a massive undertaking, but the Dog Tales rescue is already seeing success.

90 dogs have already been relocated in Isreal to better quality shelters or foster homes. 25 dogs were then shipped to Canada to live at the Dog Tales shelter.

150 dogs still remain, but a team in Israel is working to clean up the original shelter for the dogs. That way, until they are transported to the U.S., they can live in a safe and clean environment.

Hopefully, each and every dog that Danielle and Rob have rescued from those deplorable conditions will find a forever home. What they have done for these dogs is an inspiration; not many people would be able to improve the lives of so many animals. They are heroes!