A customer who was leaving a café in Zonguldak, Turkey, saw a stray dog lying down, curled up under the overhang in front of the store.

It was freezing and rainy out, so the poor pup was just trying to find shelter from the rain.

While many people walked past him that day, this woman did not. Without hesitation, she took her scarf off and draped it across the shivering dog.

The woman didn’t think anyone was watching, but her kind gesture was caught on surveillance video, which was eventually posted on Facebook.

The video quickly went viral, as people all over the world were touched by the woman’s generosity toward the pup.

One person who watched the video even recognized the woman in it, who was a friend of theirs named Duygu Elma.

Elma had no idea that her little gesture would get this much attention, but she hopes that she inspires more people to help animals in need.

Watch the woman’s kind act for yourself in the video below: