Animal lovers across the globe are outraged by the actions of one woman during a “trophy hunt” in South Africa. The woman, since identified as Tess Thompson Talley of the United States, proudly boasts images of her game kills on social media. The Internet has had enough! She killed a rare black giraffe and had the audacity to post victory photos online.

In an excerpt from a Tweet from @AfricaDigest, “White American savage who is partly a neanderthal comes to Africa and shoot down a very rare black giraffe.”

Talley brags that the innocent giraffe was 18 years old, weighed two tons, and that she will get 2,000 pounds of meat from him.

She faces significant backlash, outrage, and on top of it all, the photos show the woman celebrating her kill. Giraffes are decreasing at alarming numbers, and the disturbing photos show one of many reasons for this startling decline in these majestic creatures.