Police in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts are seeking help from the general public in identifying a woman who abandoned her sick dog. The woman, who identified herself as Melanie Wichester, used that as a fake name. Here’s what police know:

Source: Facebook/WCVB5

The woman walked into a dog grooming salon and asked for her English Bulldog to be groomed. When they called her to come to pick the dog up, the number was disconnected.

Source: Facebook/WCVB5

In Massachusetts, pet abandonment is considered animal cruelty. Not only that, but the dog showed signs of severe neglect including an eye ulcer, pressure sores, and ear infections so bad that immediate surgery was required.

Source: WCVB5

MSPCA posted,”The woman is described as Caucasian with long red hair pulled back in a ponytail. She is believed to be in her mid-forties and about 5’6” in height. She was wearing a gray t-shirt with blue jeans and had an eye patch covering her right eye. ” Those with any information are being told to contact the MSPCA 800-628-5808.

Watch the video of the woman checking in to the salon below.