A woman repeatedly lied to authorities before eventually admitting she was too busy to care for her dog, including feeding him. In a story that has outraged loving dog parents, the Sarasota, Florida woman who neglected her dog faces charges and the dog has been removed from her custody.

Source: YouTube/WFLA

The woman, 20-year-old Alexandria Drew, brought Richter the dog to Sarasota County Animal Services. A local lieutenant on the police force, Daniel Tutko, saw the dog at the shelter and said he was emaciated. The dog was skeletal, the ribs were visible, and it appeared that he had not eaten a meal in a long time.

Drew told shelter workers the dog was found as a stray, but a microchip scan of Richter proved otherwise. After admitting she kept the dog locked in a cage and did not have the time to care for him, Drew was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. Thankfully, Richter remained in quarantine and recovered nicely from his previous trauma.

Source: YouTube/WFLA

People are understandably outraged!

“Put her in the cage, don’t feed her, and make her whine,” proclaimed one dog owner.

“I can’t believe somebody would starve a dog; there’s just too many people who would love it,” said another dog mom.

Pet parents know that if you cannot properly care for a dog, your local animal services department can help. For Richter, this is a happy “tail” and he will live happily (and well fed) ever after, as you will see in this video below:

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