A horrifying footage of animal abandonment from Brazil has been going viral over the past few days. The video shows a disabled dog, Tintin, being pushed out of the car by his owner. The owner, who dumped the dog twice, is now facing the wrath of animal lovers all over the world.

Source: Ana Paula Scherer/DB Video/Facebook

In this footage, we see a woman stepping out of a car with her 2 dogs, one of them being Tintin, who doesn’t have front legs. She is seen violently shoving Tintin aside and getting the healthy dog back in the car. Poor Tintin cries and tries to get to the door, but the woman pushes him so hard that he falls face-first to the ground.

The distressed Tintin was found by a Good Samaritan, who returned the dog to the woman. Just hours later, the woman drove to a different spot and dumped the dog all over again. Tintin was devastated at this extreme betrayal. Thankfully, the local animal protection services rescued him from the dangerous streets.

Source: saoleopoldo/Jornal VS/Facebook

People are now demanding a thorough investigation of this case of abandonment. Many are of the opinion that 2-faced owners like her don’t deserve to keep any pets. There is no excuse that could possibly justify dumping a helpless animal on the streets. Let’s spread the word and help authorities catch the vile owner!

Click the video below to watch the helpless Tintin being ruthlessly kicked out by his vile owner.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.