We are all human. And humans make mistakes. Sometimes mistakes turn into lessons, other times mistakes turn into entertainment. This story is about the latter– an epic fail that turned into internet gold. This dog-dad knows the story all too well.

It all began when his dog, named Nieves, when to PetSmart for a grooming appointment. When it was time to pick Nieves up, Dad headed over to pick up his 10-year-old Maltese.

He came home with the dog, then later realizes this dog wasn’t even his! His son Alex posted the entire ordeal on Twitter where it soon went viral. The gist: Dad came home with the wrong dog and had NO CLUE until his kids realized something was way off about “Nieves.”

Turns out there were two Maltese dogs at the groomer that day. Alex’s dad was handed the wrong one but Not-Nieves didn’t appear to think he was Not-Nieves. In fact, he followed Dad to his car and hopped right in! Just like he had been in it before.

(Maybe he was just happy to be going somewhere, far away from the groomer?)

When Dad walked through the door, his sons were pretty shocked. “My brother and I died of laughter and asked why he would take the dog home if he thought something was off. He said, ‘I thought I was getting old and my eyes were betraying me,’” Alex explained.

The video posted on Twitter is FANTASTIC! Dad’s two sons are laughing their butts off while Dad’s in the background, saying: “Yeah, I have to fix this before Mom gets home.” 😂😂

Alex then recorded Not-Nieves saying “goodbye.” The dog hops into the car again like it’s no big deal. Maybe this has happened to him before?!

Back at the groomers, Dad texted Alex before leaving to make sure this dog was in fact, The-Real-Nieves.

Thankfully, it was. Could this whole event be any more “dad” like? Of course, Twitter followers lost their minds.


Dad, we love you and all your dad-like imperfections. Both dogs are now where they belong and no dog was harmed in the Not-Nieves débâcle. 😂😂