Tasha Buesgens and Kody Storlie were driving home from picking up their new puppy, Yami, when all of a sudden they heard squeaking noises coming from behind them.

An aberrant driver in back of them caused an accident that ultimately forced the couple’s car off the road. Their Toyota FJ Cruiser rolled into a ditch and ended up against a tree near Portage, Wisconsin.

Aside from some broken ribs, cuts and bruises, the couple was thankfully ok, but Yami was nowhere to be found. While the couple was being treated at the hospital, first responders remained on the scene to look for their missing puppy.

As the sun went down and darkness began to fill the woods, the first responders continued their search. The local fire department even used infrared drones to try and locate the pup.

Nearly five hours later, they got a heat signature from the air and had finally found their target.

The excited Wisconsin State Trooper called the hospital just before midnight to let the family know that they found Yami.

He brought Yami to the hospital to reunite with the couple, who was relieved and filled with pure joy to see Yami again.

“Nurses, doctors, everybody was crying,” Tasha Buesgens told CBS Minnesota.

The couple is now back at home with their adorable pup, thanks to the tireless efforts of the first responders.

Watch their story below: