Dog lovers know that canines aren’t just adorable, playful cuddle bugs, they are also extremely intelligent. Especially when it comes to their humans!

A Labrador Retriever, named Yolanda, is Maria Colon’s seeing-eye dog. Yolanda is so smart that she was successfully taught how to call 911. Yolanda called for emergency help when her human fell down and lost consciousness.

A year later, Yolanda called 911 again! This time it was when the house caught on fire. Maria was asleep when the fire broke out. She woke up and smelled smoke. That was when Maria yelled “DANGER” out loud so Yolanda could hear. This was Yolanda’s command to dial 911.

Yolanda quickly responded and ran over to her special phone. She called 911 and then did something else amazing: she dragged Maria out of the house!

Both Yolanda and Maria needed medical treatment for smoke inhalation. Yolanda was taken to the vet and Maria was taken to the hospital… but considering how badly this could have turned out, both dog and human were very lucky!

The vet staff was so impressed with Yolanda. Her quick-thinking and loyalty saved her human’s life. They happily rewarded her with tons of TLC and yummy treats.

Once Maria and Yolanda were reunited, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

Researchers continue to work on creating devices that can be utilized by service dogs to save humans’ lives. Dogs never fail to amaze us.

Yolanda, you’re such a good girl! Watch the video below to learn more about these cool devices!