Yukon the dog would often go on long walks in the forest with his owner Greg. One day, the pair encountered a lonely baby deer who instantly started following them. The deer was especially curious about Yukon, and Greg sensed that she wanted to play with him. So Greg petted her and let her tag along.

Source: Gruper1/YouTube

The next day, Greg was surprised to find the deer eagerly waiting for them in the same spot. He was amazed and decided to name her Daisy. From that day on, Daisy would always look forward to her play time with Greg and Yukon. She would behave just like a frisky little puppy!

This video was taken during one of Yukon’s walks. Yukon is a laid back dog who isn’t very keen on jumping and playing. For him, “fun and frolic” basically means collecting various-shaped rocks from the river. So when Daisy starts pestering him to play with her in the stream, he just shies away!

Source: Gruper1/YouTube

It’s amusing to see the little Daisy splash around in water as she literally begs her big brother to play with her. But Yukon shies away awkwardly every single time and pretends to explore the river passionately. He eventually finds an enormous rock, and carries it all the way to Greg! What a goof!

Click the video below to watch the nonchalant Yukon ignoring Daisy’s adorable antics!