A Waukee, Iowa man was caught on video by a neighbor, dragging, kicking and throwing things at his dog.

The neighbor, Ben Lewis, called the police after witnessing weeks of Zac Brooks abusing his dog. Lewis thought for sure that Brooks would be charged with animal abuse, but was shocked to learn that he would only face animal neglect, a simple misdemeanor.

The Dallas County Attorney’s Office advised Waukee police that they could do animal neglect charges, but that there wasn’t enough evidence for an abuse charge.

When officers went to Brooks’ home, the dog was running around, wagging his tail, and had no signs of injuries or trauma. The only thing they asked of Brooks, was to bring the dog inside, instead of making him stay outside in a cold kennel.

Since there were no physical signs of abuse, Brooks wasn’t charged with abuse. However, he was charged with neglect since he provided no food or water to the dog.

Brooks will get to keep the dog, but the police will make continuous welfare visits to make sure the dog is ok.

Brooks’ mere misdemeanor charge has sparked outrage among the community, including several animal rights groups.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa took to social media to share how disturbed they are at what was seen in the videos, and say they are concerned for the dog’s welfare.

“What we have seen and heard is completely unacceptable and we believe it merits a full investigation into the dog’s welfare and potential charges,” Tom Colvin, CEO of the rescue said.

Anna Bergman, Waukee City Council member, is urging state lawmakers to take a look at the law that protects companion animals.

“If we have cases where animals are going through what we saw in these videos, and the law still isn’t protecting them, that’s a problem with the law,” she told KCCI.

H/T to KCCI.