When Zoe Cadman went out for a hike with friends in the Palm Desert of California, she had no idea she’d be in pursuit of a very confused animal. She and her friends decided to pursue the animal, who looked dehydrated, had big matted tufts of hair all over his body, and a severely sunburned nose. They weren’t giving up on this little one.

“We saw what we thought was maybe a bobcat going across the street,” Cadman recalled. “So we slowed down and were like oh my God, it’s a dog!”

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Zoe was able to get hold of the dog, and she and her friends made a leash out of twine and gave the dog, whom they named Dave, some much-needed water. She feels Dave would not have been alive much longer had they not crossed paths. From the desert, she took the sweet boy to the grooming salon. After Dave was bathed and spruced up, Zoe took him to a veterinarian for a checkup.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Dave is believed to be about four or five years of age and is microchipped but is not registered to anyone. Zoe believes Dave was dumped in the desert, but others wonder if he was microchipped by a rescue. These days, Dave resides at The Shabby Dog grooming salon with owner Sandy Duvall. As he awaits a forever home, we are grateful for folks like Zoe and her friends.

Learn more about Dave and his desert adventure in the video below. The before and after photos are simply amazing.