Farm dogs are very diligent and hardworking when it comes to lending a hand on the farm. For a working dog named Zoe, her whole life revolves around herding sheep. The 4-year-old Australian Kelpie lives on a remote farm in East Gippsland, Victoria, and she proudly calls herself the keeper of the sheep.

Source: Angusthegolden/Rumble

One day, Zoe’s owners decided to adopt another dog. After spending weeks looking for the perfect dog, they brought home Angus, a 1-year-old Golden Retriever. They were excited to introduce him to Zoe, but they had never calculated the fact that Zoe had never seen a Golden Retriever in her life before!

In this video, we see Zoe getting “curious” at the sight of Angus. She sees the fluffy, white dog and her instinctive thought is that one of the sheep has been “running loose”. A shocked Angus is left confused as Zoe tries to “herd” him and block him from moving in any direction!

Source: Angusthegolden/Rumble

Every time Angus tries to escape Zoe’s clutches, she pins him down from a different direction. Poor Angus! Zoe might be one of the best farm dogs, but she clearly has had very little interaction with other dogs. Her parents believe that Angus will help her lighten up and socialize more. We’re sure Zoe and Angus will become best buddies in no time!

Click the video below to watch Zoe hilariously trying to “herd” the clueless Golden Retriever!